Welcome to the first local chapter!!

We are proud to be the very first local chapter of the PASS WIT Virtual chapter.  We are excited to bring the WIT panel philosophy to the Denver Area.  We encourage men and women in the Denver Tech industry to join our events and participate in our activities

Our mission is to facilitate a forum for Denver women in technology that provides support, networking and professional development.  We will also work to share tech opportunities with the youth of Denver in hopes of encouraging more women into technology careers.

What makes us different from other tech and women’s groups?  Like the PASS WIT Virtual Chapter, we encourage men to join and provide a vital point of view to our discussions and help improve collaboration in the workplace.

What an exciting time! We would love to partner with you to make Denver WIT an energizing, dynamic group. 

Join us as a Sponsor, tell the world "I'm a Denver WIT"and be part of the legacy.